Welcome to our new Hospitality Participation

The board has decided to try something new this year. In the past our two Hospitality Chairs worked very hard to get people to sign up each month to bring Food and Flower Centerpieces. We have decided that we would try something new this year that get all the members  involved. We can use this opportunity to get to know more people in the club.

The 75 members in our club have been randomly set in seven groups with 10 or

11 members in each group. The attached lists not only have names, but phone numbers and email address so communication within each group should be relatively simple. Each group will communicate the month before it is their turn as to who is bringing/doing what job. There is the fact that someone from each group will have to take the innovative to send the first email, which will start the communication. That email

should ask who would like to bring flower arrangement and who would like to bring food. It should also ask who would be willing to go early, 8:30, and who would be willing to stay after to help with clean up. Now there should also be either a reminder email or a reminder phone call by the Monday before our Thursday meeting. REMEMBER our 2 co chairman have been doing this every

month, besides getting to the church by 8:00 for set up and not leaving until after 12:30 because of clean up. It is time we as members start doing our share to help make our meetings such a wonderful social event.

What we are asking from each group is to work together so 9 members bring

food and 1 person does the centerpiece each month as well as have someone

come early (8:30) for helping set up and one person to stay after to help clean up and put things away. If you are unable to attend your assigned month you will need to contact someone in another group to switch with you.

You do not have to bake because store bought cookies, muffins, coffee cakes,

scones etc. are just fine. A fruit or veggie plate, or any thing that you feel is appropriate.

The Hospitality Chairs will continue with making coffee, tea, supply water and room set up and buy all the supplies.

Group 1 — September

Group 4 — January

Group 7 - April

Group 2 — October 

Group 3 — November

Group 5 — February 

Group 6 — March

I am hoping this will be a good experience for all.

Linda Denison