President's Message

The Board and I would like to Welcome you to the 2018-2019 Garden Club of Inverness year. If you too are looking forward to seeing your garden club friends, catching up on all the news and sharing stories, here are some the years opportunities for listening, learning and growing.

We, as a board decided to try something new this year, to encourage our whole membership to start taking on small and or larger roles in the club. We are a group of 75 members; some who joined over 20 years ago and several that joined the last couple of years. 'We need to make a club effort to get to know each other, make new friends and ask someone new to sit with you. So, to start this program we are going to have our membership divided into 7 groups and these groups will be assigned a month to bring the food and centerpiece to share with the members during hospitality. These groups will need to communicate with fellow members to make decisions and hopefully get to know each other. I will be attaching the

group list with instructions in this mailing. Our goal to is to have members do more than pay their dues and attend meetings this year. Think about volunteering when someone asks for people to help.

Nancy Kaye has been working through the summer to schedule wonderful programs that begin September 20.

Once again the board decided not to have a formal meeting in September so after the business meeting people

can listen to what their friends did over the summer, sign up for the special events that will be offered and have a

sharing session.

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As I explained in the Welcome Letter, the board has decided to try something

new this year. In the past our two Hospitality Chairs worked very hard to get people to sign up each month to bring Food and Flower Centerpieces. We have decided that we would try something new this year that get all the members involved. We can use this opportunity to get to know more people in the club.

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